Below is a list of my publications!


Solving Sudoku with Consistency: A Visual and Interactive Approach (IJCAI 2018)

A Reactive Strategy for High-Level Consistency During Search (IJCAI18)

A Qualitative Analysis of Search Behavior: A Visual Approach (XAI18)


Cycle-Based Singleton Local Consistencies (AAAI17)


A Portfolio Approach for Enforcing Minimality in a Tree Decomposition (CP 2016)


Characterizing Performance of Consistency Algorithms by Algorithm Configuration of Random CSP Generators (AAAI 15)


Improving Relational Consistency Algorithms Using Dynamic Relation Partitioning (CP14)

Adaptive Parameterized Consistency for Non-Binary CSPs by Counting Supports (CP14)


Selecting the Appropriate Consistency Algorithm for CSPs Using Machine Learning Classifiers (AAAI 13)

Improving the Performance of Consistency Algorithms by Localizing and Bolstering Propagation in a Tree Decomposition (AAAI 13)


Revisiting Neighborhood Inverse Consistency on Binary CSPs (CP12)

Practical Tractability of CSPs by Higher Level Consistency and Tree Decomposition (CP-DP 2012)


Solving Difficult CSPs with Relational Neighborhood Inverse Consistency (AAAI11)

Adaptive Neighborhood Inverse Consistency as Lookahead for Non-Binary CSPs (AAAI11)

Reformulating the Dual Graphs of CSPs to Improve the Performance of Relational Neighborhood Inverse Consistency (SARA 11)

Reformulating R(*,m)C with Tree Decomposition (SARA 11)


A Partial Taxonomy of Substitutability and Interchangeability (SymCon 10)

A First Practical Algorithm for High Levels of Relational Consistency (AAAI10)

Relational Consistency by Constraint Filtering (ACM SAC 2010)